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Kathleen Carozza, MA, RDN - President 2016-2017

Kathleen Carozza, MA, RDN - President 2016-2017

December is upon us and soon we will enter into 2017!  For many this time of year includes holiday festivities and celebrating the New Year.  Almost every culture and/or religion has some celebration of light which illuminates the darkness of the shortened days of winter.  These celebrations usually include special holiday foods, fasting and breaking fasts or other traditional ingredients, recipes and rituals around cooking and eating.  Such traditions are important ties to our families, cultures and/or religious practices.  

We are an organization that includes Nutrition and Dietetics professionals from all walks of life, cultures and traditions.  I hope that each of you finds time to celebrate your own traditions, share them with others and learn more about the traditions of your colleagues and clients during the next few months.

We know food fuels us and can help to prevent and treat illness, but it also feeds our spirits! So enjoy your favorite family recipes, comfort foods and remember what Ellie Krieger says, " In my food world, there is no fear or guilt, only joy and balance." 

Kathleen Carozza, MA, RDN
2016-2017 President, NJAND



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