New Jersey Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The NJ Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (NJAND), a not-for-profit organization consisting of approximately 2,300 members, celebrated its 85th year anniversary last year as the NJ state affiliate of our national organization, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. NJAND provides credible nutrition information to NJ residents, and educational and legislative support to the field of Food and Nutrition. Our membership consists primarily of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN’s) and Nutrition Dietetic Technicians, Registered (NDTR’s).  Members work in health care systems, home health care, food service, community health, business, research and educational organizations, as well as in private practice. We are Food and Nutrition professionals representing evidence-based, Food and Nutrition information and initiatives.

It is a very exciting time for NJAND as we embark alongside the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics into the second century. After an engaging strategic planning meeting held earlier this month to discuss developing and maintaining strategic partnerships, the NJAND board decided to modify our organization’s strategic plan, incorporating many of the AND’s recent progressive changes into the mission, vision, and guiding principles, to pave the way for future initiatives.  The new vision, mission, and guiding principles will emphasize our organization’s powerful role in helping improve the health of all NJ residents and positively impacting public perception of our unique, evidence-based expertise as Food and Nutrition Professionals. Strategic steps to improve public awareness entailing  who we are as Food andNnutrition professionals and experts, the importance of what we do, and why we are the leaders in Food and Nutrition will become a major priority for upcoming initiatives.

NJAND is committed to providing member networking and educational opportunities throughout the year via state wide regional and professional networking group events, all of which are disseminated to members in our weekly e-blasts.  Job postings are now also free of charge and available to submit on our website; we would be happy to share these opportunities with our many talented members.

Lastly, I encourage each of our members to be actively engaged in our initiatives and consider volunteering with NJAND. Our board members consist of dedicated and passionate volunteers looking to make a significant difference for the public and for our members. Remember, what we do today will affect how we practice tomorrow.

NJAND is only as strong and impactful as its members. Let’s make our presence known and our voices heard throughout NJ!


professional networking groups

(In-person networking groups that occur quarterly or monthly - a great way to get to know RDN's/NDTR's near you!)

African American RD's:    Chesney Blue 
Jersey Shore Area:              Mandy Enright
Greater Morristown Area:  Jane Dixon and/or Robin Gould 
South Jersey:                      Allyson Mitidieri
Hudson County:               Lauren Pendergast
Essex County:                    Katelyn Collins
Central Jersey:                   Estee Smoler


Event Calendar



We currently have Four Listservs  for RDN's/NDTR's- to get involved please email the contact person listed below.

Functional Medicine     Victoria Coglianese
Pediatric Nutrition        Christina Stella
School Nutrition           Meredith Whiteley 
NDTR                             Pat Gibbons