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Chesney Blue, RD - President, NJDA

Chesney Blue, RD - President, NJDA

It was my pleasure to serve as your 2015-2016 president of the New Jersey Dietetic Association.  This year with the support of our members, our volunteer board was able to accomplish a lot to enhance the benefits of being a RDN/NDTR in the state of NJ.  Activities such as increasing social media & website presence, voluntarism and professional development events.  The year went by fast but we accomplished much by winning a diversity grant to promote the dietetics profession in inner cities, provided scholarships to deserving students, hosted regional events throughout the state with our National Nutrition Month cooking demos and virtual 5k fundraiser, provided leadership development training to volunteer members and created a new strategic plan to usher in a new era of growth and leadership as experts in the nutrition and food field.

It has been a great honor, joy and experience that I will always remember. NJDA has given me so much I will continue to give back into my profession.   I plan to stay active on the board and other NJDA activities so I look forward to seeing you at upcoming events.  Thank you.


Sincerely in Service,


Chesney Blue, RDN
2015-2016 NJDA President


NJDA's Media Representative Mandy Enright, RDN had a chance to speak with 1450 WCTC on Tuesday, 3/2/16 to promote National Nutrition Month 2016 and the events that NJDA will be involved with this month to help promote Savoring The Flavor of Eating Right!

Men continue to make great advancements in various spectrum of dietetics. Learn how four male registered dietitian nutritionists (including NJDA member Christopher Gunning, RDN) are helping improve lives and advance the dietetics profession while continuing to expand the diversity of the field.

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