Member Spotlight

NJAND members are reaching for the stars! We would like to highlight the many professional achievements of our members. If you or a member you know have recently won an award, received an advanced degree, or has achieved something great professionally, please contact NJAND at: so that we can feature you!


Mary-Pat Maciolek, Ed.d, rdn

Mary-Pat is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has been dedicated to the field of nutrition for her entire career.  She recently obtained a doctoral degree in Education from Rowan University. Her dissertation topic was Dietetic Students' Lived Experience Working With Preceptors: A Phenomenology. Mary-Pat has been part of the NJAND since her time as a dietetic intern at Perth Amboy General Hospital! She has had too many appointed and elected positions over the years to list!  However, some highlights include Academy Delegate representing NJ for two terms, NJAND President, NJAND Treasurer, and Chair of the following NJAND Committees: Nominating, Scholarships and Awards,  Annual Meeting, Finance, and many Task Force Committees along the way. Currently, she is serving as the Continuing Professional Education Review Coordinator and on the Bylaws Committee of NJAND.  Mary-Pat has been honored with the Carolyn Sebastianelli Distinguished Member Award, the Recognized Young Dietitian Award and two ADAF Awards: the LTC. Helen M. Davis Memorial Scholarship recipient while pursuing her MBA and a CDR Doctoral Scholarship Award. She is currentlythe Director of the Middlesex County College, Dietetic Technology program and Chairperson of the Hosptality, Culinary Arts, and Dietetics Department.  Mary-Pat has been fortunate to work with amazing professionals throughout her career, who have supported and encouraged her every step of the way. Including obtaining her doctorate degree.  Mary-Pat said, "if it weren’t for the Dietetic Internship Directors (shout-out to Kathleen Carozza, Geri McKay, and Maria Stanish) as well as the DIP graduates who shared their time and stories with her, she would not have been able to reach this milestone. We are part of an amazing profession!!" 

Rajesh Kumari.jpg

rajesh kumari, dsc., rdn

Rajesh Kumari is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has worked in the field of Nutrition of health care for the past twenty years. Recently, she obtained a Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. Her studies and extensive clinical nutrition experience, primarily practicing medical nutrition therapy for the management of chronic conditions including stroke and other neurological conditions, sparked her interest in the pursuit of an advanced degree. Her dissertation work:  Multimodal Dietary Treatment in Tourette’s Syndrome - is an exploratory open-label multimodal dietary treatment study performed in collaboration with Neuro Institute, Atlantic Health System.  Positive results of this preliminary experimental multimodal dietary treatment are very encouraging and have been acknowledged as a poster presentation for Atlantic Health System Research Day and recently at FNCE, Chicago. Rajesh hopes that this research will open doors to new ways of thinking about treatment and recovery and thereby lead to further exploration of alternative treatments and research by the medical community and Atlantic Health System in particular. She believes a paradigm shift is needed toward more empowered, personalized medicine with focus on Nutrition and life Style Modifications. 

Currently, Rajesh is working at Atlantic Health System as the Clinical Nutrition Manager, where she has played various roles in managing nutrition in an acute care setting for over a decade. As an advocate of nutrition for healing and wellness, she has coordinated efforts to establish Dietitian Diet Order Writing Privileges and is currently working on establishing a Physical Exam Focused Nutrition Assessment and malnutrition diagnosis and identification program. An educator at heart, she is also teaching as an adjunct professor in the Nutrition Science program at the College of Saint Elizabeth. She teaches a Master’s program course on integrative and functional nutrition, a true passion of hers, where she discusses the importance of the whole food diet and the use of botanicals as supplements.